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New eBook Reader Comparison Tables

It has taken a long week of experimenting with and chopping up HTML and CSS code, of researching and checking facts, of not getting anything else done, only a few scanty blog posts, but I’ve finally finished updating The eBook Reader Comparison Page.

The new comparison tables include a lot more ereaders both from the US and internationally. Since there are so many, with several more about to be released, I decided to break the comparison page into three pages so that they load faster and are easier to navigate.

The main comparison page compares most of the 6-inch ebook readers on the market—the most popular size.

The second page compares 5-inch ebook readers and the last page lists large ebook readers and multimedia devices that have a 7-inch screen or bigger. In truth, though, a 7-inch screen really isn’t that large at all, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Please let me know if you notice any links not working on the new pages or if some info is incorrect. Dealing with such large pages that are loaded with so much HTML code that won’t display properly in any HTML editors, it’s very difficult to keep everything in order when working on it.