A Logical Explanation of Life

Why: A Logical Explanation of Life
by Travis Haan

Why: A Logical Explanation of Life is a logical, systematic and objective explanation of the meaning of life. It argues that whether or not there is a God or an afterlife the most logical conclusion we can come to is that the meaning of life is to fulfill our potential by achieving self actualization. The book goes on to explore how the process of achieving self actualization are survival, learning, thinking, creating your philosophy on life and creating your identity. No matter what beliefs you hold prior to reading ‘Why’ they are sure to be challenged. The author goes on to challenge anyone who is not satisfied with his answers to modify his book and redistribute the new version to help anyone else looking for answers better understand our world and their lives.


Seeking after the Kingdom
by Jaye Seay

This ebook includes five devotionals that will encourage you and build your faith. Topics covered include prospering where you are planted, seeing from heaven’s perspective, the power of the Word, the importance of prayer and how nothing is impossible for God. Let these devotional messages be your five smooth stones (1 Samuel 17:40). Use them to take down the giants in your life.


Astrology has long been used by humankind to understand himself and the universe. Early Man
gazed up at the star-studded heavens and asked Why? Is it so surprising that he also looked to the
heavens for the answer? It seems that this is what he did, and astrology supplied the answers to both
deep and practical questions.


“Raym’s very comprehensive introduction to holistic thinking and living
leaves no stone unturned. If you are just embarking on the journey of
discovery for yourself, you will be lightly and often humorously guided
in every facet. Contrasting the light style, some of the concepts covered
are deep, but Raym at all times has your welfare uppermost in his approach.
A master healer himself, he is there to guide you in deep meditative
and healing experiences, and it may be that these are the real gems
of this excellent primer of holism.”


The Opinions expressed in this manuscript are solely
the opinions of the author and do not represent the
opinions or thoughts of the publisher. The author
represents and warrants that s/he either owns or has
the legal right to publish all material in this book.
Promises To Our Father
God’s Account of Mankind


The moment you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be able to know whether the
years just ahead are good or bad for you, and how long this season will last. You’ll
be able thus to act accordingly: if there is a storm on the horizon, you’ll take shelter
in time; if sunny days loom ahead, you’ll take advantage of it before the opportunity
passes. In short, you’ll be able to take crucial decisions regarding your career,
marriage, family, relationships, and all other life’s issues.



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