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Social networking

At the moment the same kinds of people who dominate the dialog off-line are dominating it online, and things will never change if that doesn’t change. Progressives need to get on social networks and share their stories, join conversations, connect with others–and not just others exactly like themselves. It’s vital to reach out across all those ethnic/gender/preference/class/age lines that exist even within the progressive camp. As Deanna Zandt puts it, “creating a just society is sort of like the evolution of the species–if you have a bunch of the same DNA mixing together the species mutates poorly and eventually dies off.”



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“Uncle Fester Practical LSD Manufactoring

The scientific articles dealing with this topic are barely understandle by the typical
person with an undergraduate degree in chemistry. They assume a
level of understanding of the arcane field of lysergic chemistry not
generally possessed by even those skilled in the “cooking arts.”
The “underground publications” covering this topic have done
little to clear things up either. They  merely regurgitate the
original works until they have become like mantras,
repeatedly chanted but not understood.

Cultivate Weed


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Unleashing The IdeaVirus by Seth Godin

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Geeks Guide To Promoting Yourself With Twitter

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Vista style box tutorial

To install the actionscript you’ve just downloaded, simply unzip the folder and drag and drop it onto the photoshop workspace. There’s a more detailed explanation in this ebook cover software screencast.

Or, if you’re a mac user – simply follow these instructions…

1. Unzip the eCoverSuiteElite folder.
2. Open up Photoshop
3. From the top photoshop menu bar, choose ‘Window’ >> ‘Actions’
(This should bring up the actions panel)
4. Now, simply click on the small arrow with parallel lines next
to it – to the right of the panel
(This should open a drop-down menu)
5. From this menu choose ‘load actions’
6. You should now be able to select which eCoverSuiteElite
actions to load.

Once the photoshop action has been installed, click on step 1 and press play. This’ll give you the template that you can work off.

ebook cover template

For this tutorial though, I’m going to use a vista wallpaper. You can find it here.

Now it’s time to position your image onto the actionscript template. Simply click on the photoshop ‘File’ menu & then choose ‘place…’ – this will allow you to place your image on top of the template.

vista box cover template

All that’s left to do now is press step 2 on the actionscript panel, & let eCoverSuiteElite’s vista box action convert your 2D image into 3D.

ebook cover actionscript

& hey presto, here’s the final result…

Vista style ebook cover actionscript