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Marketing With Free Ebooks


Unless you have a site that fills a unique need – which is practically impossible – your competition most likely is in  numbers of hundreds of thousand`s selling the same type of product product . In order to compete properly first you must use every marketing technique available to help promote your website to the widest possible audience. One of the best techniques to create a viral buzz is to create some kind of free downloadable ebooks.

You may be wondering  how spending  time writing an ebook that you then distribute for free is going to be worth  while. No matter what you’re selling, potential customers want to sample what you have to offer before they commit to buying. Statistics show that the average buyer visits a site six to seven times before they are convinced to buy. You believe in your product or service and know that your customers will benefit by purchasing from your site. The question is, how do you convince the visitor that what you are offering is superior to what your competitors are offering ?

One  way to persuade people to buy is to offer them free of charge,  information that provides a snapshot of the benefits they will realize upon buying. Your customer needs to know that you know what you are talking about. Let’s say you’re selling is to do with hydroponic`s. Visitors to your site may well be looking for  garden tools or hydroponic equipment. Before they’re willing to part with their hard earned cash, they need to feel that you’re a credible source.By offering a good ebook,with valid information,they will be able to read more on the subject and trust your word on the product.

You know your business better than anyone. It’s easy for you to write a short booklet on the pros and cons of hydroponic gardening, or the best tools for to use for each job. You know all about the advantages of hydroponic gardening. The time required to produce a free downloadable ebook on any of these subjects is nominal when compared with the credibility you will gain with your visitors.

You can market your book through your website, offering a branding option to other topic-related websites, where they could  freely distribute your free downloadable ebooks with an easily changed link to their site as the incentive.  The more copies you have in circulation, the more leads you gain. One reader forwards a copy to another, or steers a friend to your site. Get your link to this freebie in a gardening newsletter and you’ve gotta source of free traffic.

Well-written,  free downloadable ebooks, full of useful information on your potential customer’s  interest serves a number of  useful purposes. You will be  seen as a credible expert in that area. Your potential customer gets valuable information for free and if the ebook is only for subscribers,you gain an email address for your list and it also follows that what you’re selling is also valuable.For some other ideas on building a home based business you could try taking a look at Instant Business,who sell ready made plr websites,complete with products,sites,sales letter the whole show !


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“Uncle Fester Practical LSD Manufactoring

The scientific articles dealing with this topic are barely understandle by the typical
person with an undergraduate degree in chemistry. They assume a
level of understanding of the arcane field of lysergic chemistry not
generally possessed by even those skilled in the “cooking arts.”
The “underground publications” covering this topic have done
little to clear things up either. They  merely regurgitate the
original works until they have become like mantras,
repeatedly chanted but not understood.

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